The Koi Pond Project

Pond Mark One Summer 1988 "Not a Koi Pond"

Big for a goldfish pond, but I didn't want koi, so too shallow and no real filtration.

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Pond Mark Two Summer 1993 "Koi Pond and Filter Mk1"

Koi fever strikes, so the pond gets rebuilt deeper, stronger and with a filter.

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Pond Mark Two "Koi Pond and Filter Mk2 including the DIY Bakki Shower"

Christmas 2008 Disaster strikes!

Of the 19 fish, some up to 20 yrs old and several over 2ft long, we lost 14 over about two and a half weeks. One major concern was the lack of a clear cause. The usual scrapes and microscope analysis, water tests, etc, etc. revealed nothing.

February 2009 A New Era!

With the pond empty I sterilised the whole system and gave the filtration system a magor upgrade to prepare for new arrivals mid March.

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Filtration and the dreaded Ammonia and Nitrite

How I suffered and dealt with New Filter Syndrome and more

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